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Eucalyptus essential oil

Ports refining, relieve acne. Eliminate muscle soreness, relieve stuffy nose, headache, eliminate bacteria and purify the air. Help strengthen memory and concentration.
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Eucalyptus called "heat resistance tree" by the Australian.The leaves have  been to treat fever and have a good effect on wounds and infections. It is also known that burning their trees helps to eradicate insects and clean the surrounding environment. Many Sicilian people use it to treat malaria. After entering Europe in the 19th century, eucalyptus was placed in the medical system as an antibacterial agent and a fungicidal industrial product. Ocelaptus has more than 500 varieties, origin of Australian , today it is successfully planted in many countries of the world, but its highest quality and most commonly used oucalyptus radita is cultivated in Australia.

Use efficiency: Pores refining, brighten complexion.
Relieve eczema, psoriasis.
Enhance memory.

Important notes about essential oils :
1- Essential oils cannot replace medicine .
2- Pregnant women , kidney patients and asthma patients use essential oils with  caution.
3- Don't take essential oils orally , it has a very bad irritating effect on mucus membranes.
4- Kindly perform an allergy test before using for allergies and sensitive skin .
5- only lavender and Tea Tree  essential oils can be directly applied to skin , other essential oils must be diluted or mixed  before using on body parts .
6-  In using citrus essential oils (for example:  tangerine essential oil or lemon essential oil ) don't subject your skin to direct sunlight for at least four hours after using .
7- Keep away from children
8- Essential oils are flammable substances , kindly don't place the bottle close to fire.
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