About Us
About us:
Yili Zisuliren Bioloical Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in February 2007,Is a collection of lavender cultivation, product development, production and sales,  tourism as one of the private enterprises. Is a national high-tech enterprises,China's outstanding private technology enterprises,Xinjiang agricultural industrialization leading enterprises,Xinjiang production and research demonstration unit,Xinjiang patent pilot units,Xinjiang Cultural Industry Demonstration Base,China's national 3A scenic spot.

Company is China's low-temperature extraction (supercritical CO2 extraction) lavender essential oil pioneer and leaderis the "organic lavender planting standards" drafter,Is an advocate of Lavender and other aromatic plant health conditioning,is the promoter of lavender romantic culture,already formed the lavender whole industry chain business model starting form source planting to product research and development to travel services to Cultural transmission.
The company has Xinjiang lavender deep processing engineering research center,Yili aromatic plant research center,With more than 30 national patents,Bear more than 20 Chinese related projects,achieved more than 10 achievements, standards, certifications and other intellectual property rights.Has ILI, DOSACE, and other 10 Chinese well-known trademarks,  is China's most influential essential oils, skin care products, cosmetic manufacturers and suppliers.With the direction of  Internet sales,Technology research and development,Cultural creativity we set up an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship focusing on the development and utilization of lavender and Yili's characteristic agricultural resources.Plant 5,500 acres of lavender plantations and breeding base, 150 acres of which has passed the organic certification.
 Factory investment and construction a lavender Industry Park  covering 25 acres and Construction area of 13,000 square meters,collection of industrial tourism, culture and entertainment, shopping, accommodation and other functions as a whole, there are a landscape 100,000 GMP plant, retro lavender museum,One-stop exhibition center, lavender themed hotel and other facilities.
We will insist on technology-driven,innovation leads,lavender products and culture as the support to strive create the world's top lavender whole industry chain operations aromatic industry modern enterprise.

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